LAOHA celebrated 5 years of activities with a commemorative dinner, tributes and a lot of fraternization among the guests.

Due to the pandemic, the celebration took place in June this year and about 60 people were present, including dental professionals, academics, associates and fellows. LAOHA, all committed to transforming and promoting advances in the oral health of the population of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

It all started with a conversation between friends. About 5 years later we got together to celebrate several achievements: our doctoral program - which has already graduated doctors from different countries, our participation in several events, symposia and congresses, several publications and scientific articles and the organization of two important consensuses, that of cariology and periodontics. All this in an atmosphere of great fellowship and joy, with moments for collective photos at the totem and signature of our Memory Book, produced especially for the occasion.

Our thanks to everyone who attended the event, especially Colgate-Palmolive and pioneers Dr. Bernal Stewart, Dr. Giuseppe Romito and Dr. Magda Feres who laid the foundations for all of this to be possible.

We also thank our president, Dr. Cristina Villar and our executive director, Dr. Zilson Malheiros, for his fundamental leadership during all these years.

During the event we received messages of encouragement sent by several leaders, from Colgate-Palmolive, Dr. Maria Ryan, VP & Clinical Director of the company, a reference in cariology, Dr. Nigel Pitts and in dental erosion, Dr. David Bartlett, both from King's College London, we were also pleased to receive a souvenir from Dr. Mariano Sanz, a globally recognized periodontist and professor at Complutense University of Madrid, among other leaders who also shared this important moment in the history of the Association. 

Our thanks to all the participants, students, teachers and collaborators who have been together with us in this celebration and in many of the initiatives throughout this journey.

May there be many more meetings and reasons to celebrate in the coming years!

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