Cariology Group

The Cariology Group at LAOHA was created after the publication of the Regional consensus on dental caries in Latin America and the Caribbean, in April 2021. Its objective was to identify, among the general and specific recommendations, those priority ones that could be developed in the short term. The three actions defined were: analyzing the policies for the use of fluoride toothpaste and the reduction of sugar consumption, the discussion of the bases for the implementation of a cariology curriculum for undergraduate courses in Spanish-speaking countries and the implementation of an essential curriculum on caries in dentistry undergraduate courses in Brazil. The initial actions were presented at the symposium Call for Action. Discover these actions and participate!

Periodontics group

The Periodontics Group at LAOHA was created to implement the recommendations of the First Regional Consensus on Periodontal Disease and its impact on general health in Latin America. Formed by 19 members from several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Periodontics Group began, in a first stage, to plan actions to encourage general practitioners to perform periodontal examination as part of the routine oral assessment of patients. One of these actions was the development of the campaign “Take Care of Your Gums: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”, communicated in several Latin American countries. We are confident that the implementation of these initiatives will contribute to the prevention of periodontal disease in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Public health

Committed to contributing to initiatives in oral health capable of generating social impact, inspiring and helping in the strengthening and implementation of national public policies in several Latin American countries, LAOHA opens yet another dissemination channel related to these initiatives, including our Knowledge Translation channel. Meet!


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Courses | e-learning

Our Continuing Education department is preparing to offer several free courses on topics of interest to dental professionals and students who want to update or improve concepts related to the area of oral health.

In this first module, you will learn about and strengthen the biosafety concepts and recommendations to apply in your work routine in Dentistry, both for your team in the office and for patients, from leaving home to returning home.

Soon we will launch new courses. Join and receive the news.

Scientific articles

Articles developed by doctoral students and other research supported by the LAOHA.


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